Now it's time to relax !
The owner has all the wishes
The engineers have all the challenges
The crew has all the questions

We will find the answers

We supply all major brands in the market.
Talspa, Spaform and Hoesch are the most common.
Their quality and range will meet most wishes in shape and color
Tailor made

If the design or wish doesn't meet any model on the market, we make it the way you want it.
High quality pools and will meet Lloyds regulations if pool needs to be part of the hull or construction !

Only the best brands on the market.
Built as "one off" or in series.
All pre-fabricated, which saves a lot of installation time on board.
Yacht Division is all about wellness on board yachts.

Recreational areas on board have increased enormously over the last decade.
Enjoy and relax are "written" all over todays yachts.
And that's exactly the way it should be, if you'll ask us !

Since every yacht is a masterpiece on itself, the wellness part should be implemented just the same way.

That's what we do, toghether with the engineers, architects, owners representatives we create the desired solutions for every pool or Jacuzzi.

The result is the only thing that counts, we understand that every project needs it's own approach to reach the best result.

Yards need flexible suppliers for changing demands, Yacht Division has that capability.

Before, during, but also after the project we´ll be there. Giving the after sales department the back up they need.
Or we take care of it directly whith the ships engineers.

Every step of the way, we know it, we´ve been there !
Welcome to Yacht Division.
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