Since 1995
The experience goes way back to another century.
A lot has changed since then.

So did we.
World wide

The experience and knowledge becomes known. Wharfs from all corners of the world discover their way to the company that has faced a lot of challenges, and is still learning, improving and inventing.
First tailor made Jacuzzi

As projects continued, and the demands for unique products had risen, the first Jacuzzi built according the wishes of the customer was a fact. Most of the equipment and accessories had to be built tailor made too.
The first project on a yacht

Halfway a new build yacht, we were asked to finish the job, on a custom made Jacuzzi. Where 2 other companies couldn't do it, we did it.
Within 2 weeks the first tests were run, all to the satisfaction of the wharf. Mission accomplished.
Yacht Division is a cooperation of several companies and small businesses.
All specialized in their own unique discipline.
All bound together, inspired and motivated by Yacht Division founder and owner : Gerrie van den Outenaar.

Years of field experience in the yachting industry on Jacuzzi's and swimming pools and their water treatment systems, innumerable tailor made soltutions for bigger or smaller challenges, needed to get a face.

An international face, since boundaries are there to mark countries and not words like : creativity and possibility.
Therefore shipyards and other engineering companies from : the USA, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, have found their way to The Netherlands and it's fine collection of craftsmen.

Yacht Division is that one face for all Jacuzzi and pool related projects, on top of that we have provided the equipment for over 400 steamrooms and sauna's in : hotels, resorts, residential projects and of course yachts.

This site is for that first impression, to see if we need to be your partner in your next project.

Together we can chart the course towards that desired result !
The Company.
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