It needs to work !
The choice of equipment does it all.
Durability, reliability, safety, simplicity, quality. These are the words.

They make things work.
Pumps, valves, sensors, connectors, heating elements, switches, when it all comes together it just needs to work.
Over the years we have put together a fine arrangement of all the best.
For the equipment it's the same as for the pools, not only the quality of the product, but also the backup and support of the manufacturer has played a very important role in choosing what's right.

What's not on the market, we produce ourselves.

- Heating boxes in stainless steel 316L.
- Up to 72KW of electrical heating power per box.
- Multi color LED underwater lights in stainless steel 316L.
- PVC temperature probes to resist salt water.
- PLC operated control boxes, equiped with touch screen operating.
- Stainless steel control panels for the pools with piezo buttons.

All our systems are based on no
, or low chlorine usage.
UV desinfection together with
a non-chlorine supplement gives us the best result.

If desired we can provide fully automated and professional water treatment equipment.
The combinations and possibilities are endless, however the result is the same.

A sparkling pool or Jacuzzi !
The Equipment.
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