A pool for every wish.
So many people, and even more whises. We have pools, in so many colors, with so many options.

We make it happen.
Thru the years we developped a preference for certain brands.
Not only because of the quality, but also because of the support of the manufacturer.

They learned that in the yachting industry changes are daily business.
Our cooperation with these companies has lead to the upportunity for us to be able to change standard products to customers wishes. Done by the factory or done by us.

For example : stainless steel support frames, other jets, extra drains, other or extra lights.
We know what we need, and so we developed our own different standard.

Here is your advantage : custom outfitting of a pool for a each project, for a standard price.

In our workshop we are able to adapt the pools to whatever it needs.
The pools plumbing done to fit the situation on board.
This means less work on board, it saves time, materials and money.
It even opens the opportunity to install the pool by the yards own staff.

Pumps, valves and other equipment can be installed onto the pool if desired.

Everything will be tested and ready to go when it leaves the shop.

If you are satisfied, we are.
Our Pools.
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