Nothing beats design !
Your design !
Name it, think of it, draw it.
If you have the idea ...

We turn it into a watertight reality.
Tailor Made
What we can produce
As no other we understand that sometimes there is no other way then to have it tailor made.

Long ago we started out with an off the market control box and a standard Jacuzzi.
Then other Lloyds regulations dropped in, after that the request for bridge operated valves, soon after a power control for the heaters / generators. Within weeks we developped our own PLC operated controlbox. It now can be adjusted or just be re-programmed to fit every situation.

Then other pool shapes, glass pool bottoms appeared, we found the answer.
We even build a pool which had to be part of the hull, it all worked out.

Tailor made pools and Jacuzzi's ask for other drains, other lights, almost everything needs to be adapted to the new form. We take care of that, either in stainless steel, PVC, PE, POM, polyesther or wood.

When grating needs to be special, we developped together with one of the best teak companies in The Netherlands a method to fabricate this in a way it can fit most designs. It gives a very luxury look to every pool or Jacuzzi.

Almost everything is engineered "in house" or very close to home, this way we keep full control on progress and design. Short lines keep things up to speed, very important while time is not often in abundance.

What ever it takes to create a reality, we'll do it.
Tailor made solutions.
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